What is coaching?

Coaching is the art of helping someone improve their mindset, performance or work toward achieving a given goal.

It focuses on the 'here and now' and moving forward instead of focusing on the past.

Coaching draws upon the individual's knowledge of their problems and how to solve them. As such, a coach is a facilitator of learning instead of a director.

The coach is effectively responsible for providing a process and framework, but the client is responsible for the overall outcomes.

Other FAQs

Do I have to complete work outside of our coaching hours?

Yes, there are often things to think about or do to ensure that you make progress. However, you are in control and agree to what you feel you can do within your existing commitments, so you shouldn't ever feel overwhelmed

Do you provide online sessions?

Yes, we do provide online coaching sessions. Get in touch to discuss this or book them via our online booking platform.

Will you travel to me?

We can come to you but will discuss this on an individual basis, and you will likely be charged to cover the travelling costs.

Do you provide workshops?

Yes, we are happy to design bespoke workshops specifically for you or your organisation. So get in touch and see what we can deliver. Also, stay tuned to our social feeds and website to see any upcoming roadshows or workshops.

Do you offer an online course?

No, we don't, as we see more value in working face-to-face with individuals and teams instead of mass-producing online course content, so this is our focus for now.