6:AM was founded in 2021 by Aliesha Moroney

"There seemed to be a real gap in the market with regard to providing coaching that combined strategic principles, best practice coaching technique with holistic care and wellbeing. I felt I could help and deliver just this."

The 6:AM

We want every client leaving feeling supported and energised to take action.

Our vision is to help 10,000 people, by 2030, experience a new level of living, performance and productivity by offering one-on-one, individualised coaching that combines corporate know-how and can-do with holistic care and support.

Our guiding values


Showing up and putting in the work even when it’s hard.


Listening and understanding without judgment.

Good Times

Positive change and great ideas start with health and joy.


Find meaning and excellence in what you do.


We never let a champagne-popping moment go unnoticed.


Calling things as they are to drive-forward progress.

Founder &
Head Coach

About Aliesha

I'm a business and personal development coach. I'm a mother of two. I'm an Entrepreneur.

Before becoming a mother and launching 6:AM, my time in the  corporate sector and life as a business owner has seen me gain  experience in strategy, finance, fraud investigation, marketing, sales,  communication, events, payroll, people management and leadership.

So, it's fair to say I've had a varied business background – which has proven to be pretty valuable.

I was born into a horse racing family with my dad Mike, being one of New Zealand's most successful trainers, so animals have always been a massive part of my life.

Winning numerous awards has been rewarding; however, the challenges faced have provided my most significant triumphs and greatest learnings.

I was diagnosed and overcame dyslexia, was bullied at boarding school, my aunty Catherine committed suicide, I had a colic baby, suffered post-natal anxiety and have had my fair share of work, business and relationship challenges along the way too.

However, I am grateful as heck for these challenges. They allowed me to grow and learn, gain valuable context, empathise with others, understand the importance of health and wellbeing, become more resilient, and this is where my life motto stems from, "You are, where you are because you choose to be there".

I really do believe that if we choose to do so in most circumstances, we can change our situation with the right support, even if it's just our mindset. For me, this is uplifting and motivating.


Snapshot of the accomplishments I’m most proud of:

  • ICC internationally accredited coach
  • Founder of 6:AM, Espouse Consulting and Riverrock Farm
  • Manager of Brand, Digital and Media at New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
  • Board member of St John Central Regional Trust Board
  • Business Analyst at Deloitte
  • Bachelor of Management Studies – First Class Honors in Strategy and Finance
  • Member of New Zealand Dressage Squad
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar for academic, sporting and leadership excellence
  • Mother of two, Lincoln and Macy.
The 6:AM edition

I've always enjoyed my work but can honestly say I now feel I'm doing what I'm meant to be.

6:AM allows me to help a diverse range of people utilising my strategic and problem-solving mindset, with my passion for health and wellbeing and the skills I have learnt through completing my international ICC coaching certification.

There is something extraordinary about helping others discover themselves, find confidence, establish successful businesses or grow into a leader they're proud of. It brings a smile to my face every time. I can't believe I now get to help others nail their goals and grow every day– how good!

I primarily work with small-medium-sized business owners, corporate leaders, or women trying to establish a new way of living. They are often juggling families, careers, finances while trying to get a dose of health and wellbeing in there. It can be frantic, frustrating, exhilarating, feel like a daily grind, and so much more.

I love working with these people as they are ready for change and will put in the effort needed to achieve a new level of living, performance or productivity.

The best thing about it is I know how good they will feel once they reach their goals, but I get what they are going through each step of the way (because I've been through the process too).

So how on earth did I wake up one day and decide to launch my passion project 6:AM?

By completing my very own personal development project. The project started by attending Gwinganna Health Retreat in Australia and ended with working with the legendary high-performance mindset phycologist David Galbraith. I still recall the light-bulb moment I had with David that sparked the beginning of 6:AM, four years before it was launched. I remember feeling a weight lifted as all the pieces finally fitted. How had I not thought of this earlier?

David helped me to see where I wanted to go and to start living more courageously. He really pushed me, asked plenty of hard questions, unpicked my limiting beliefs and provided me with a much more confident way of thinking.

My goal now is to help do the same for others by assisting them in finding their purpose, reach their goals, live courageously, grow to be proud leaders and develop businesses that deliver great success.